The story of M7 Bistro

My grandfather was a well-respected restaurateur and confectioner at Székesfehérvár. It was my father who prepared the technological designs of the very first restaurant at the M7 Motorway called Fehérvár Bisztró in the seventies. By the eighties, he became the manager of the unit he designed himself.

The history of Albapark started in the mid 2000s when we decided to extend the place: we had so many guests that the former building – constructed in the seventies and refurbished after the political changes – proved to be too small. The new restaurant named Albapark opened in the summer of 2009 and from that on, it has been managed by me. 2017 has brought another revival: we continue operating named M7 Bistro.

I am not ashamed to learn from others. When abroad, I always visit highway restaurants and try to summarize their advantages and the things I would potentially change. During the reconstruction and refurbishment works, I could rely on those experiences from the past and the solutions seen in other countries. As a result, we were chosen to be the best highway restaurant in Hungary twice. However, our guests eating monkey bread with relish or renowned gastro bloggers feeling cosy while eating tripe stew represent even more valuable recognition for us.

All that would be impossible without an excellent team. It is not easy for us in times of general shortage of labour in the sector but I lay special emphasis on having a good team of people complementing each other and easy to work with. Fortunately, I have several colleagues who are eminent professionals of their field and have their hearts in working for the best satisfaction of the guests.

You haven’t been at our restaurant? We look forward to seeing you soon! 🙂

Attila Szakály
Restaurant Manager